Berlin – afternoon

Posted by smr on June 24th, 2010

Volleyball, practice, volleyball, more practice (outside), cookout, stella ella olla, and done!

Notes from Pat Carr:

We stopped in Berlin and stayed in a hostel in the Turkish section of the city. It was a new hostel and clean and across the street from a shopping mall that has been carved out of very old buildings. Essi spotted a kid wearing an “I ‘heart’ Israel” tee shirt. We ate there and had a great fish sandwich, just in case you wanted to know. In the late afternoon we went to the eastern part of the city and met up with “Bells Angels.” The kids all played together for a couple of hours and in the off time played sand pit volley ball and the had a cook out for us. There is a cheese that they can put on the grill and the kids were all looking for it for it is really good. I think a cheer went up when we saw that it had been included on the menu! The kids had made salads and we had quite a feast. There was only one casuality, a cut foot, don’t worry moms, for it is healing nicely. Just before we left Olivia said we have to play a round of Stella Ella Ola and one of the Bells Angels won. He was so excited he lept into the air!
Driving through Berlin and seeing familiar sights was fun. And Essi and I completely gawk at the beautiful buildings that survived the war. The old architecture is splendid. And like Jim and my trip to China, the new architecture can be quite interesting. One apartment house was built so that it looked like three buildings, each one painted a different color, with the middle one crashing into the one on the left.

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