Konin / Lichen – June 26

Posted by smr on June 26th, 2010

We had a later start than usual this morning with a 9:30 departure for the largest Bascillica in Poland (only 6 years old) followed by a magnificent meal and then an afternoon concert in one of the smallest congregations in Poland. The concert was a Chopin celebration and the audience loved our Chopin Preludes. (played each twice)

Afterwards we headed to our familiar home in Zelow where we were greeted warmly, fed well and now we are settled in for the night after watching the USA lose to Ghana (sad).

Photos will follow tomorrow (along with more news about our worship and concerts tomorrow).

Notes from Pat Carr:

Saturday we went from Poznan to Konin, Poland. There is a HUGE Roman Catholic Basilica (or Basilisk according to Michael ;-) just outside Konin. Mark’s TomTom took us down this one lane road that looked like it was going to end in a cart track but we made it. Went over a bridge and saw about 50 kayakers lazing along. The Cathedral is a pilgramage site based on a portrait in a little chapel in the woods that people came to pray to for healing. Guess it “worked.” Anyway they began building this huge, and I mean huge, edifice in 1990 or there abouts. There is a copy of the shroud of Turin in there along with many chapels and the wall tiles have names of people who contributed to the building of the place. In one room is a huge painting and on the right side is shown +/_50 who where instrumental in the church’s history (including Stalin) and on the left side were the common people representing various walks of life. Of the 50 or so people representing the walks of life they included three women – a nun, a nurse and a peasant. The right side had a nun and I think one more female.

There we were served a noon four course dinner. Great mushroom soup, I might add.

We left there and went to a nearby tiny, tiny Reformed church to play. The church has 35 members and 59 people showed up and bought another 15 CDs. After the kids played their second number the audience began clapping in unison. In Europe that is great, great praise and means more, more. They had a reception afterward and even tho no one speaks our language it is possible to communicate. The people are all so kind.

From Konin it was about a two hour ride to Zelow, another familiar spot. Part of the drive was on a brand new toll way. Toll ways are being built all over the pace and we drove all over following the route from Berlin to Poznan. Anyway on the way to Zelow on a stretch of completed very new road we saw some rather odd bridges. They did not connect anything. We found out that the merely connect the countryside! The road had been built though an old forest and animals were trying to go across the road and being killed. So they built these bridges that are about 100 yards wide and are planted with trees and grasses so the animals think that it is a continuation of the forest and cross there. No more animals on the road. Brilliant!

We are all snugged in Zelow for a couple of days. And it is time for church services. More later. And please note that I am not editing this so please excuse the errors. We have one computer and 21 people.

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