Lodz – June 28

Posted by smr on June 28th, 2010

Morning – rehearsal with the Zelow ringers – ringing together.  Afternoon – Concert in Lodz.  Back home for the evening and cleaning up for a VERY early departure in the morning.

And a link to a tv clip from our Lodz performance: Lodz Video

Notes from Pat Carr:

This morniing the kids practiced, they have to learn “O Canada,” and we went shopping for more water and snacks for the bus tomorrow. It is be on the bus at 5am for a 10 hour drive!

One topic the kids have fun with it being “stuffed up” for that is always a problem on trips. The “hold outs” get a cheer when they announce their success. This year they are using Harry Potter terms, For example Hufflepuff is just being gassy with no other success. I will let you imagine the rest. Anyway it makes what could be an embarressing discussion into a game. One of the kids walked by with a, Ms Carr, my pee is clear like water! I am drinking so much water and have never felt better! There was a high five involved here.

Monday was a concert in Lodz, Poland. We a fairly quick drive to Lodz and an uneventful day. We did notice that people are the same everywhere; there are brass placques attached to each on the church pews. The closer one gets to the front of the church the more readable the words! Everywhere in the world people sit in the back.

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  1. Jan MInor

    Hi Ringers! Good luck and have fun!!

    From Olivia and Michael’s Aunt Jan

  2. Your new pictures look good.

  3. It’s been a while since we heard from you. I’m sure it’s because you ‘re having too much fun! Hope you can post a short note to let us know all is AOK.

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