Poznan – June 25

Posted by smr on June 26th, 2010

Arrived after noon in Poznan, set up for the concert and then took a tour of the Old Town. Fantastic concert at 6 pm and then off to dinner and the Soccer watching. Great visit to this beautiful town – and we hope to be back soon!

Notes from Pat Carr:

On Friday we drove to Poznan. There the kids played in a Reformed church that is only six years old. It was built on the same grounds as the original one built some 400 years ago. The new church is beautiful. The minister was delightful; young and met us with “regular” clothing to take us down to the old section of Pozan. We were reminded of Krakow, a large square with a government building and shops slightly off center in it plus shops and restaurants surrounding the square. Again the old architecture is enchanting. We walked around the square and saw a lot of people dressed up and carrying flowers. They were the guests at a wedding that was to be held in the government building. The bride arrived in her long white gown and they all trooped in for the wedding.

After walking around the square the kids were turned loose and all but one opted to follow the minister for ice cream. 80 cents American. We met up at the neptune fountain and walked back to the bus and back to the church. The church is able to sleep 21 people but they had already promised the beds so they found a hostel for us. We lost our place at the church to a motorcycle group which roared in during the concert!
The concert was quite well received; there were 56 people present and 15 of them bouoght CDs. After the concert we went to the hostel, ate dinner and the minister and some of the chaperones took the kids back to the city center to watch the World Cup. This time they had to walk both ways for they were unable to buy tram tickets. Having to walk did not slow ANYONE down.

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  1. Looks like a great trip so far! Is it possible that your bus driver is Mark from 2008? Safe travels!!

  2. I see Mark! Hi to him from us old retired ringers.

    Looks like you all had a great concert!

  3. Yes – it is Mark from 2008. It was great to see him and I will let him know you send greetings!

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