Travel Day

Posted by smr on June 23rd, 2010

Everyone arrived on time for the morning departure and after briefly organizing bell cases and passports, posing for photos and killing a little time for:

The forgotten passport was found and we were able to proceed on with the rest of our preparations.

Dr. Merry led us in prayer and good wishes from the congregation and we loaded up for the trip to the airport.

It has been a tradition that someone is a little slower than the rest when getting through the security checkpoint.  This trip is no different!

Despite an hour delay in taking off from Pittsburgh, we still have about 2 1/2 hours of layover in Newark.  Fortunately, we have a room to call our own and, as can be seen, we have taken full advantage of the facilities!

Notes from Pat Carr:

We managed to make it to the airport without a lot of hassle. Someone forgot their passport and the person assigned to bring duct tape totally forgot. So we only had two side trips to make before heading out to the airport.

The flight from Newark to Berlin was just a bit rough but uneventful. Security was present in Newark, particularly around one passenger whom they brought off and then put back on. He was met in Berlin by German security; he was being deported. Two kids went to use the bathroom while we were collecting our baggage but used the wrong one and could not get back in to get their bags so the rest of us toted their belongings out for them. It was really nice to be greeted at the airport by a familiar/friendly face; our Bus driver, Mark, was at the customs area to escort us to our home on wheels. It well be our base for the next three weeks. We hired the bus company that was used two years ago and requested Mark as our driver. What a very nice person he is. Very helpful and goes in to listen to every concert. A gem.

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