Zelow – June 27

Posted by smr on June 27th, 2010

10 am – Worship    /    11:55 am – Procession through Zelow    /    4:00 pm - Concert    /    Soccer, Chubba-Chubba-Can-Can, Barbecue, Frisbee, etc….   Busy AND fun!!

Notes from Pat Carr:

On Sunday we went to church and tried to look interested in a sermon delivered in Polish. The kids were great and I guess the adults were too. We are staying in a building next to the church and on the church property. It is a four storey building with an attic full of mattresses, a third story with a common room, three bathrooms and three “bedrooms.” The girls stayed in one of the bedrooms which had beds for 11. The second floor has the home of the minister plus the kitchen and dining room plus two more restrooms and the lower level has a “kindergarten” and another bath/shower room. It is quite an incredible facility. The huge grounds include the church, this building, the picnic shelter/barbecue plus restrooms and showers for campers.

Yesterday’s concert we another triumph. 278 people, the church was stuffed to the gills, and 18 CDs. They, however, did not start the rhythmic clapping until after about the 5th piece played. Afterward we had tea, it was supposed to be served at 3:00 but someone forgot (RP), and then our kids played soccer with the Polish kids while the reverend cooked and Essi and I repaired blouses, vests and mallets. What fun it was to sit outside with her while the kids played in perfect weather and someone cooked for us while we sewed. Essi said that life does not get better than this and she was right.

The reverend grilled sausages and bread on their fabulous grill (maybe a photo on the website) and his wife set out juices and salads. After eating, all the kids threw around a frisbee and then played another game that I have no idea about. They kept very active. There was a line up of bikes alongside the church for the Polish kids don’t drive nor do they rely on their parents to deliver them.

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  1. u were great 2day-] unbelievable!!!Thanx a lot!!!!

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