Helsinki, Finland (Day 1) – July 5

Posted by smr on July 5th, 2010

Today was a total tourist day.  We left Parnu at about 7:40 am and arrived in Tallinn around 9:45 for the 11 am ferry to Helsinki.  The crossing was uneventful and we had a nice afternoon visiting the Tori (open air market) and other shops along the esplanade, made a visit to the fortress island, Suomenlinna, and then some time at our hostel before spending the rest of the evening at a small local amusement park.  All are now asleep and ready for 2 concerts tomorrow.  We will also be meeting our Kuopio ringers tomorrow afternoon and we will be ringing with them tomorrow evening at Temppeliaukio Kirkko (Church of the Rock).  It was a warm day, but nothing like home!

Notes from Pat Carr:

Today we drove to Tallin. A very uneventful drive. Trees lined both sides of the road and hardly a village in sight. We drove directly to the ferry and jumped on for a two hour trip to Helsinki. There we immediately went to a market area where we ate lunch in one of the market tents and found ice cream. Jim and Ii walked the Esplanade which was beautiful and we went to a bank to the Otto, ATM, to get Euros. The bank had a Carnegie sign on it. We took a short walking tour of the old town area and then bussed to our hostel which is in one of the 1952 Olympic buildings. Under the railroad tracks and up a hill we trudged to an amusement park where the crew had a ball. The amusement park is much like The old White Swan Amusement Park from the 50 and 60s. Ate a BigBoy for dinner.

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  1. Jennifer Cooney

    You all look like you’re having a great time–I hope it’s cooler there than it is here!

  2. Kerry Diehl

    I’d suggest combining roller coasters and handbell ringing, but I don’t want to give Rich any ideas….

  3. Might have to give it a try… R

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