Kedainiai, Lithuania – June 30

Posted by smr on July 2nd, 2010

What an amazing reception we received here in Kedainiai!  We were met by our host, Rimas, who is the director of the Cultural Museum here in the Kedainiai region.  We set up our bells and tables in the old Calvinist Church which also is the crypt for the Radzivill family (the Calvinist branch), toured the crypt and then went off to an amazing lunch.  We had some time in the town to explore before the evening concert and took great advantage of the beautiful day.  The bus was our changing room, but it was around the corner in a small parking area and we could see the audience pouring in while we were getting ready.

The concert was special since many concerts had been cancelled for the preparation for the State Funeral for their first president which was to be the following day.  We were fortunate to be allowed to continue with our concert and included a minute of silence and prayer at the beginning of the concert as well as a dedication to the memory of the former president (With God). 

I’m not sure how many people the Mt. Lebanon Fire Marshall would allow in this space, but I am sure that it is a number not even remotely close to the 700+ people who showed up.  There were people in the balconies (3 or 4 deep with no view), all of the seats were full and the aisles were filled as well.  We were able to manage the procession and it was truly one of the most spirited concerts we have done to date!  Playing for such an enthusiastic audience is a real thrill!  (Now we are running out of CDs, but Alison will be pleased with that news and Dan ;will be thrilled because it means less clutter around the music department…)

Here are a few shots of the day:

Notes from Pat Carr:

In Lithuania we were in Kedainiai, a beautiful spot, The cobble stone town streets had speed humps made of cobble stone. The concert was quite well attended; there were around 750 people in attendance. We were treated to meals at a very nice restaurnat and again this is a lovely little town. We were housed at a camp quite a way out of town. We were on the hightway, a local type road, a paved track and then Mark took that huge down this dirt path to the camp lodge. It was beside a rushing stream, the lodge was made entirely of wood and was quite homey.

When we left the lodge the Garman took us down a dirt road to get to the main highway. Along the highways in Lithuania we saw many bus shelters for few people have cars. They will walk a couple Kilometers to get to the bus stop to get to a village to shop. The shelters all have an out house placed close by. The out houses are equilateral triangles (we guess so the snow slides off) and are most likely squattie potties. We used one outside a restaurant. Some of the gas stations along the road will not allow use of their restrooms but then for one person who was really desperate, there was a stand of evergreen bushes so…

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  1. Jackie Boyd-Garbett

    It was wonderful to all of your beautiful faces after three long days. So glad you are getting such big crowds. Loved the pictures, especially the food; keep them coming.

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