Odense, Denmark – July 11

Posted by smr on July 11th, 2010

A travel day.  We left at 7 am and said farewell to our wonderful Finnish hosts.  Hope we see them very soon!  We traveled (almost) forever to our hostel in Odense.  We went through & over the great bridge/tunnel in Malmo (for a mere 161 Euros) and then another long bridge.  Those were the exciting moments of the day.  It will be another early morning tomorrow on our way to Germany.

Notes from Pat Carr:

Yesterday was a very long drive from Stockholm through Copenhagen and to Odense. We left our retreat by 7 AM and did not arrive until around 7 PM. The drive was through farm land and again very flat. I really thought there would be lots of hills, in fact I expected more of an Appalachian look to Northern Europe. The bridge from Sweden to Denmark was like the Chesapeak River bridge for it too went under water for a time. Off to both the left and right of the bridge there were windmill farms in the water. Why is Europe so ahead of us in Wind generated power? It makes me crazy.
In Denmark the houses are white. They look a lot like houses in Southern Europe. Our hostel was a former military compound situated right in a residential area. It was very nice but very expensive. I bought stamps to send 21 post cards and it was $50 US dollars just for the stamps. Since it was a Sunday there was little open We ended up getting four enormous pizzas, watching the Soccer finals and going to bed by 11:00. Spain won the cup so this Friday Ross is to go to the Food Court in South Hills Village Mall at 5:00. He is to stand on a chair with a megaphone and declare, “I am a looser.” A not too bad World Cup bet. (The deed was done on Friday, July 16, and we were all escorted out of the South Hills Village Mall…)

We left Denmark at 8:00 this morning and have been in transit for five hours. I forgot to tell you that there was a herd of black sheep near our retreat center in Finlnland; found that interesting.

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  1. Maloclm Thompson

    “You want to see Emma?”
    “Click it . . .I think I see a light house. Yeah, click that picture of the road.”
    Obviously he wasn’t as bummed as the rest of us that these weren’t pictures of Emma.

  2. Jennifer Cooney

    Whose feet are those?

  3. Jenn Miller

    I believe those are Pat’s feet ~but the questions is, what color polish did he have on before?? haha

  4. I just have to add that throughout the whole picture menagerie, all of our Ringers look so grown-up and happy!I barely recognized Emily. But seeing her asleep, wrapped up in her green beach towel reminded me of when she was indeed a small infant. Although, in the pic she has her mouth closed and when she was an infant, this was rarely the case. Awaiting your safe arrival home, all you Ding-A-Lings!

  5. Hi just like to say we here in Hüttenberg Germany really enjoyed the time and the Concert with the Ringers. the only problem was that there was not enough time to really get to know everyone. We would have like to have spent more time showing the people the country and costums. Our family would also like to say hi and thanks to Ross Brown, Mike Garbett, and Graham Galbreath who stayed with us. We are looking forward to hopfully seeing you all again you are always welcome here.

    We Wish all well and God Bless
    The Spencer Family

  6. Just wondering…how did Graham get himself crammed in that small space? The things that we will do for sleep…on a tour bus nonetheless. Thank you for a fabulous tour! Now, bed, here I come.

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