Parnu, Estonia (Day 2) – July 3

Posted by smr on July 3rd, 2010

What a great day!  Morning rehearsal with all ringers and then Southminster Ringers with Agapella (from Parnu) to ring on bells instead of chimes for a change.  They were great!  Afternoon rehearsal and then things got to be very organized by the minute:  4:30 pm – move the bells, 5:15 pm – dinner back at the hostel, 6 pm – attend a concert by the Tallin ensemble Arsis, 7 pm – dress for our concert on the bus, 7:30 pm – set up the bells in the church (as soon as the worship service in the Orthodox Church was done) and 8 pm CONCERT.  FABULOUS CONCERT!!  Standing room only again and the ringers did an amazing performance!

Then – FUN.  Changed for the beach and went swimming at about 10:30 (not that you can tell from the photos, but that was really the time).  After walking on water for about 1/4 mile, we were finally able to get wet to our necks – almost.  Even Klara never was deeper than her chin…

Now back at the hostel and ready for tomorrow when we have another tight schedule.  See you then…

Notes from Pat Carr:

On Saturday they practiced at 9 and one of the groups has 6 little girls aged about 7 or 8 that were playing something that looked like a paddle chime. They were adorable. At one point they were waiting around and they were gathered around a two month old baby who was in his carrier. The little girls were gently rocking him and, in Estonian of course, were singing Rock-a-bye Baby. All of the kids, and us, had time from 12:00 – 2:30 to wander the little old town area and have lunch. I have no idea what I ate but it was good.

We all put our ringer shirts in a pile and Jim and Jim took them to a laundromat but oops there is no such thing here. Where they were sent turned out to be a dry cleaner. So we all spent a lot of free time just doing our laundry by hand. The Hostel people brought up two drying racks for us to use. Did I already write about this? I am totally loosing track of time etc.

Also on Saturday Essi and I went to the local farmers market and found strawberries that taste like strawberries used to take. We also bought Peter Cottontail/Mr MacGreggor carrots. Sooo sweet. We feasted on fresh picked fruit and veggies; even bought peas.

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  1. Elaine Hammond

    What a wonderful gift to be able to follow your tour as you bring such wonderful music to others. This is truly the gift of a lifetime for all your members. God bless you all and enjoy!

  2. Jennifer Cooney

    GREAT pix at the beach!

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