Parnu, Estonia (Day 3) – July 4

Posted by smr on July 4th, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!  We were serenaded by some locals before we went to our banquet this evening – and they did a credible job on the Star Spangled Banner (probably better than we could have done).  We worshipped this morning in a small Lutheran Church in Haademeeste.  Our German friends played from the rear balcony near the organ while an Estonian ensemble rang from the front of the church.  This was followed by a great lunch and then back to Parnu for the final group rehearsal and concert – and all went beautifully!  Every group played a couple of solos and there were 5 massed ensemble pieces.

Then off to the banquet for the final time together for all of the assembled ringers and directors.  Our host, Elo, did a marvelous job of arranging all of the little details for this event and the banquet was really the crowning glory.  We had lots of food, and it was artistically arranged on several tables.  We had entertainment and dancing.  What a treat to end with such a flourish!  We are looking forward to the next time we can visit Parnu.

The evening ended with a trip to the beach (again) since it was on the way back to the hostel.  Swimming, frisbee and the trudge home.  All are exhausted, but ready for our trip to Finland tomorrow.  See you there…

Notes from Pat Carr:

Today we went to Haadenceste for church where two of the other bell teams were playing. Walking into church was a little old lady on a cell phone! She tripped on her way in because she was not paying attention be she righted herself and the next time we saw her she was playing the organ. She also sang but it was so funny for she sounded like she was Chinese.

After services in this quaint old Luthern Church we had lunch in Haadenceste’s pub. The fresh salmon was the best I have ever had. We came back to Parnu, the kids rehearsed from 2 – 3 and then the concert was at 4:00. It was great fun. After the concert there was a banquet at a restaurant by the beach. Everything was on tables and one just wandered around grazing. The food is great. After eating music was supplied by an accordian player and a guitarist. They played Estonian folk music and the woman who was the local organizer for the festival told the kids what to do and they had a dancer showing the moves. Well, all of the kids were in the middle of the floor dancing their little hearts out. It was wonderful to see the kids from three countries all dancing together. The last thing played was the chicken dance and our kids taught everyone else how to do it. We laughed and laughed.

Then around 9 the cake was cut, a group photo was taken and we, with the German kids, walked down to the beach. WOW what a stay.

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  1. Jennifer Cooney

    Happy Fourth of July! We hope you’re all having fun and doing well. We miss you all but know you’re having a great time.

  2. We already miss you all. I’m from Agapella:)

  3. Andreas Hackl

    We had a great time and have to do that again!

  4. Sandra Hylla (Bells Angels)

    For sure!! Thanx for everything!

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