Parnu, Estonia – July 2

Posted by smr on July 2nd, 2010

After a short trip to Parnu (3 hours) we found our hostel, found our German friends, met up with a couple of Pittsburghers  who came to join us and spent some time changing money and finding lunch.  Then off to the Sports Hall to set up for the festival and meet the rest of the ringers.

Rehearsal started early so that we would have something presentable for the TV that was coming at 6pm (our planned rehearsal time) and Mark got the group started on one of our more fun pieces.  We had time to work through all of our combined pieces and we found that the ringers were well-prepared for this event.  We are in for some fun days of ringing and learning together.

Notes from Pat Carr:

The three days in Parnu, Estonia have been wonderful. It is a summer resort town located on the Bay of Riga off the Baltic. And I am not sure that it ever gets dark. The kids, etc are still at the beach and it is as light as it is in Pgh at 8:00 and it is now 10:30. Night seems to be perpetual dusk.

The first night here we settled into our Hostel and then took the bells to the area where the kids would be using them. Rich organized a Bell Festival and there have been 78 ringers plus chaperones, etc here in Parnu. The first practice was our first night here, Friday July 2. They practiced the pieces they would all 78 be playing together and I was blown away by how good it sounded on a first time through. Then Essi and I walked to the grocery to pick up breakfast supplies and the two of us lugged them back to the hostel.

Well, we got done with breakfast and then had to go back for supper supplies. We had been told that a picnic was to be catered in the park across the street but failed to mention that it was self catered. So Essi and I grabbed Ross and Olivia and took them to the grocery with us. They helped shop but more importantly they helped carry!

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