Riga, Latvia – July 1

Posted by smr on July 2nd, 2010

Leaving our country house (in Lithuania) was hard.  What a beautiful setting for a country house and it would be a great retreat for the outdoorsy type.  Kayaking, etc…  We did eventually manage to leave, travel down a few dirt roads and then on to Riga.  We arrived in time for our concert at St. Saviour’s Anglican Church (beautiful acoustics – it served as a concert hall in the Soviet era).  A few minutes in the old town, a visit to the Dom (cathedral) and then on through rush hour traffic to our Canada Day party.  Great rooftop site with the best view of Riga.  We ate, played, tried to warm up, played some more, and said goodbye to our gracious hosts.

The Hotel Best was our evening stop and everyone was thrilled with the accomodations!  2 person rooms, our own showers, quiet, and not an early morning today.  After a quick breakfast we will be off to Estonia.  We are hoping for a good internet connection while there.  Enjoy the photos:

Notes from Pat Carr:

And then we came to Riga, Latvia and the concert at Canada day on the top deck of the Islandic Hotel. We were across the town from the old city and had a fantastic view from that roof deck. We ate appetizers and the kids ate and played bells. While sitting down a gentleman came over to tell us his story:

His parents lived in Riga and were quite active in the town. They fled from Latvia to Germany and lived there a few years. He was born there in 1945. His family was persecuted so they move on to Southern France. When he was 10 he remembers being trapped by older kids in a field. They terrorized him for three hours. At the end of that time one of the boys took out a ball that he (our story teller) has lost a few days before and took out a knife. The bully slit the ball and then pointed at the storyteller’s neck and made a slashing sign. Soon after the family left France and went to Nova Scotia where he has lived until a few months ago when he fulfilled a promise to his mother. He brought her ashes back home. He does not know where he is going to live, stay in Latvia or go back to Canada. He does not feel at home in either place. He has been a life long refugee always sitting on a suitcase.
I might add that he looked many more than his 65 years.

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