Stadthagen, Germany – July 12

Posted by smr on July 15th, 2010

We had another early morning and a long bus ride to find Wiedensahl by about 1 pm.  The Southminster Ringers had visited Wiedensahl on their 1992 tour and the ringers there were eagerly awaiting our arrival with a wonderful pasta lunch and a tour of their lovely church.  We rang together for a while in the afternoon before we had to say farewell and get to our concert in Stadthagen and they had to pick up their brass instruments and play for a nearby festival.  Busy day for all!

Stadthagen was another beautiful town that welcomed us warmly.  The 13th Century church had a nice audience and beautiful acoustics!  German audiences are wonderful!!

Our overnight stay was in Bergkirchen in the Ludwig-Harms-Haus.  A church house in one of the most beautiful settings of our trip.  We had a restful night – and then on to an early morning once more to get to Huttenberg, our final destination.

** Pittsburghers please take note of the wall post about your mother not working here… Clean up…  It was on the wall of our Danish hostel and if you look at the Danish words for “Clean up”  you will read “Ryd op”.  Sound familiar???

Notes from Pat Carr:

We are in Wiedensahl, Germany which is another charming German town. We were met on the street by the local bell ringers at 3:15 (traffic made us three hours late)and walked right into lunch. One of the church ladies (the mother of one of the ringers) had prepared an excellent bolognaise and it was ready NOW. So we all dutifully ate and as we were finishing up he brought out a couple of albums of their tour of the Eastern US a few years ago and photos of when Southminster played in this church some 18 years ago. We then strolled over to the church to see this small, magnificent building. The bell director took us up into the bell tower and even opened the door to the clock movement so we could see it too. This kids got some bells off the bus and the two bell teams did a few pieces together. Essi and I have been charged with picking up a few gifts so I walked across the street to a garden shop. Well, by looking in the window and around the door I thought it was a garden shop; they had plants, garden supplies, pop, soccer stuff, etc.

After the kids packed up the bells we were on our way to Stadthagen for a Concert in St Martini Kirche. This church had two of its massive pillars slightly askew. I asked Jim how long he thought they had been like that and his reply was, “Probably since 1630,” in other words shortly after it was built. This church is in the middle of another charming town and we had around 40 – 50 people attend the concert. Rich’s German/English speaker was Irish (name: Michael Jordan). The kids hurriedly packed up and we drove to very small village where we stayed in the church haus. They were not exactly expecting us. The lady Rich was to call did not answer the phone and when Rich went to her house a guy staggered to the door in his jammies. But she stepped up to the plate and brought us linens, etc. So we all got a good night’s sleep. This was the first time in two weeks that it has gotten dark at night.

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