Day 13 – Kolozsvar (Cluj) and Torda

Posted by smr on June 25th, 2012

Day 13 – Kolozsvar (Cluj) and Torda

A whole day off from ringing was not a whole day of rest. We began with a tour of the city, visiting as many of the local churches, ruins and sights as possible in a short time span of about 2 1/2 hours. We saw Roman ruins, St. Michael's church, some historical buildings, and a magnificent view of the city from a hill.

After lunch we headed to nearby Torda where we were treated to a trip of almost a mile underground into a salt mine. The salt mine quit producing salt in 1932 and has recently been converted into an amazing space. After a short visit to some of the mechanical works that had been done in earlier centuries, we went lower to the game area with billiards, mini golf, bowling, a ferris

wheel, a concert space, a ping pong room and then down another level (about 7 stories) to a boat ride in a salt lake. Most of us took advantage of the cooler temperatures down there and just had a great fun afternoon.

Tibor had one last surprise for us on the ride home and we stopped at a magnificent view of the Torda Gorge. What an amazing view and a great stop. We ate more Kurtoskalacs (Hungarian Chimney Cake – and will be searching for it diligently for the rest of our trip!!), looked at some trinkets up on the mountain top, watched a sheep herder and his dogs (who enjoyed our remnants), and headed back for dinner and a lazy evening since it is raining.



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3 Responses to “Day 13 – Kolozsvar (Cluj) and Torda”

  1. Jessica Frederick

    I was looking at the Nathias Rex picture & said I am pretty sure I don’t see Cooper in this pic…then I noticed him over to the right (looking at the pic)…it was like playing Where’s Waldo..but Where’s Cooper? Any looks & sounds like you are all having an amazing time!!

  2. Grandma and Grandpa Baker

    What a fabulous day!! Wish we were with you.

  3. How underground playground!! What great scenery…some people get to Paris, but how many get deep into Eastern Europe!! Wonderful!!!!

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