Day 14 – Targu-Mures

Posted by smr on June 26th, 2012

Day 14 – Off to Tg-Mures

Mark was at the dormitory before 9 to greet us and load up the bus. Then into town to see the Greek Orthodox cathedral, walk by some of the Romanian Flag Day celebrations, see the Protestant Seminary (only one in Romania-serving Unitarians, Reformed churches and all Protestant churches), and then off for a bit of street market shopping. I can't understand why some of the ringers thought that the 38 minute shopping time was stingy. Seemed generous to me! Now we're off to Targu-Mures.

We arrived in Tg-Mures around 1:30 and tried valiantly to get the bus to our Pensione. Well – that was a fail. Mark got the bus up the hill, but we had to back most of the way back. Mark, as always, is pretty amazing.

We had a tour of the downtown area and lunch in a small Hungarian restaurant with several. How choices of food. After a stroll to see some

of the churches and shops, an exchange of money, and a trip back to the bus, we ended up at our evening concert. A lively audience with lots of questions really made it fun for all of us to perform. This is another place where we must return and spend more time in the future.

Dinner was served in another traditional Hungarian restaurant and it was goulash. Yum. A few were brave enough to eat the chili peppers that were in the goulash. Most we're not quite so brave. The entertainment was with traditional gypsy music and it was a lively evening. Now all are tucked nicely in their rooms. With any luck they will sleep!

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