Day 16 – Back to Debrecen

Posted by smr on June 29th, 2012

Day 16 – Travel back to Debrecen

We took our time traveling from Tg-Mures, Romania to Debrecen, Hungary with stops for shops along the road, a mountain top stop and, of course, the border. We arrived at the Debrecen Prison at about 2:30 and after all of the admittance proceedings we began playing almost at 4 pm.

This prison was an older and more beautiful building with four floors of cells. We rang on the ground floor and set up on one end while some prisoners brought chairs and set up on the other end. A couple of prisoners worked on the interpreting for us. One had spent 9 years in Britain and another had done a year in Lexington, KY. Of the 400 prisoners, about 350 were female.

As Mark set up his “drum set”, he was experimenting with the different cases, walls and doors. Only after a little banging around did he check the peep hole in the door to find that there were two prisoners on the other side of the door. I'm sure they were wondering what was going on. Oops.

Our h

ost, Rev. Meszaros, found tables for us and helped us with all our needs to make our performance smooth and efficient. He was most encouraging and would love to have us return. The performance ended with a small choir from the prison singing for us. What a special time for all of us.

Following the prison, we returned to our church friends in Debrecen for some refreshment and

then a demonstration and time of working with potential future ringers. Rev. Verses thinks that there is the possibility of about 15 rings in the congregation and they are excited about getting handbells for Debrecen. We hope to meet fellow ringers when we return!

No photos from today since it was mostly travel, a prison and our hosts from last week. We are now finished performing and tomorrow we will turn into tourists for the duration of the trip. Budapest is our first destination. See you soon!


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