Day 3

Posted by smr on June 15th, 2012

Day 3

After sleeping in much later this morning (we didn't meet til 8:30) we went to the very near town of Hostalkova to ring for the school children from Katerinice, Ratibor and Hostalkova. The concert was in the local church and the church was packed with kids. If you happen to count the number of children in some of the rows, keep in mind that there were only 10 chairs in each row. (12 – 15 kids per row was

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the norm). There were over 400 in attendance this morning.

After that great experience, we visited the local school, saw some of their classrooms, and we were served lunch. After all the food we have been served, it was time to walk back to Ratibor (about 2 km) and spend the afternoon playing floor ball, table tennis and basketball. (note that it was sad to see that Jakob still lost at floor ball – a shame that he hasn't improved from last summer…)

Since our concert in Ratibor was at 5 pm, many of us found that showers we necessary. We were provided towels and soap and then we were ready to perform. All ringers played well! The Good News Ringers started the program, Southminster Ringers followed, and the program featured a quintet of local ringers playing Grandioso, a piece which our Alumni Rings performed here in Ratibor last summer. The day was exhausting and a great success. Everyone has the night off and many a ready for some rest.



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  1. Floorball? Yes! Bells? No! Glad to see Karolina in goal and sad to hear that Jakob still didn’t win! Hopefully Jim didn’t die playing! :)

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