Day 4 – Katerinice

Posted by smr on June 16th, 2012

Day 4

Katerinice for the whole day! We had the opportunity to explore the town in the morning. We started at the church at about 9 am, our latest morning so far! We visited the cemetery, the local hockey display center (also known as a Pub) that was opened just for us, and then the hockey puck factory. Some of us visited the waste water treatment plant while most headed off to the restaurant where we were served a great lunch.

The afternoon was festival time for children and youth with games and a fairy tale forest. Some of us practiced our marksmanship, some traveled with the younger children through the forest, and some enjoyed the relaxing afternoon under tents with coupons for food and beverage.

The open air concert was at 6 pm and our concert attire was street attire since the temperature was in the upper 80's. Our audience was enthusiastic and it varied throughout the hour of performance. What a great day with our fabulous hosts and we wish

the Czech soccer team well tonight against Poland in the World Cup games.

Tomorrow will be an early one as we leave Katerinice at 7:20 am for our 9:15 worship service, to be followed by ad concert, lunch and then travel to Ostrava to ring for Ewa's congregation there. We are looking forward to seeing her again!








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  1. Jessica Koss Frederick

    Great pictures! I love the long table setting for your meal, reminds me of Thanksgiving!! It’s fitting, since I know you’re all thankful to be there, sharing the meal together! :)

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