Day 5 – Sunday

Posted by smr on June 17th, 2012

Day 5

Grueling day of ringing! 7:30 am departure from Ratinor to arrive in Hodslavice for a 9:15 worship service. Good News Ringers rang during worship and then Southminster Ringers followed. After the benediction, we did a full concert for the very appreciative congregation. They treated us to a great lunch at a local eatery and we were on our way to Ostrava.

We learned about the generous hospitality of the Czech people when looking for the Parish House to change our clothes. I knocked, was greeted by a delightful woman who asked what I needed (I think) and I asked for the W.C. She very graciously pointed me in the correct direction and as I was leaving, realized that it wasn't really the parish house, but a local home. Oops.

Ewa greeted us in Ostrava and it was great to see her again and to see her beautiful church and warm congregation.after a visit to the local mall, we ate, changed and did another concert.

Leaving the church was a little more difficult than usual since a car had parked the bus into its parking place. Fortunately, after the efforts of 10 of our ringers and adults, the car found a new parking spot… Now at 8:30 we are on our way home for some rest. We will have another full day of performances a tomorrow and it will again be an early morning.

All are well, exhausted and thrilled to be with such gracious and warm hosts!



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  1. It’s not a bell tour if there isn’t any man-labor moving an automobile!!

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