Day 6 – Vsetin & Fulnek

Posted by smr on June 18th, 2012

Day 6 – Vsetin

Mark, our driver, has a resting day from the bus, thus we are exploring public transportation and found it to be rather efficient. The nearest large town is Vsetin, and we spent the morning at a high school. Rose, our translator, is a teacher in this school and had arranged a concert for about 117 students. So far, it is one of our best AND most enthusiastically received concerts. Markie (Etzelski) conducted and spoke, and occasionally stole the show…

Lunch at the school followed a stroll through the lower and upper parts of Vsetin. Lots of historic houses, churches and castles. Then off to Fulnek for a 6 pm concert on a chartered bus.

We are set up in a restored (from communist era abuse ) church which is now a concert hall. We are set up on a stage, except for the high bells which are on the floor in front. Lots of room, but an unusual acoustical setting.

We spent a little time in the afternoon enjoying the town, the home of Comenius, who was apparently quite important. We'll have to google him later.

The concert was another great success with an enthusiastic audience. We rang everything, the Good News Ringers rang their concert pieces, and Skip rang his Yankee Doodle Variations solo. Lots of audience questions made their enthusiasm obvious to all.

Now back to Katerinice for a barbecue! Good night to all.

We leave for our travels early tomorrow. No idea when we will next have an Internet connection, but we will keep you updated when we are able.

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  2. WOW, the architecture, beautiful churches, scenery, and generous town-folks are making this trip REMARKABLE!! Thank you soo much for taking the time to share with the pictures, stories, etc.

  3. Indeed the worst was the Communist bus from Fulnek : D We complained to the factory. Understand why we put such a stupid bus.

  4. Sorry for bad translater… It was very perfect days with you ;) You must came to Czech republic again ;) Good luck :*

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