Concert day

Posted by smr on August 15th, 2013

We had an early breakfast so that we could get on the road and see all of the adventures that were planned for all of the campers today – and then get to our cave concert.

Our first stop was the Pilgrimage Church of the Holy Virgin Mary in Krtiny (about two hours away – and near Brno). We saw a crypt with about 150 skulls. Not a lot is known about the remains, but there were six special skulls that had been painted – around the year 1620. Archeologists are still trying to determine the exact meanings, but it was a fascinating room and held sacred to the Protestants of the region. Upstairs we found a new carillon and one of the priests came out to have it ring just for us. Finally, we entered the breathtaking Baroque sanctuary. Wow.

Next, we stopped in to visit a wonderful glass artist. He is well known for his special techniques and beautiful artistry. After a quick tour of his workshop, he took us to a beautiful modern church in Sosuvka that he designed. Words can’t describe the beautiful work throughout the church, and the photos only begin to show the beauty.

Finally – our visit to the cave. I’m not sure of the name of the cave or the area, but it is used for breathing treatments for those with difficulties. Most of the patients visit the cave twice daily for treatment – but you can’t stay for too long since it is a brisk 46 degrees Fahrenheit. We set up, practiced briefly, and then went up for warmth. Then back down for the concert which was VERY well attended as you will see in the photos.




















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  1. Jiri Kolarsky

    Adding information about where you are music-making:
    Name of the cave: Cisarska jeskyne – “Imperial Cave” in translation, because in 1804 the cave visited the Austrian Emperor Francis I, grandson of Maria Theresa and opponent of Napoleon Bonaparte.
    Name of the township: Ostrov u Macochy – “Island at the Macocha” in translation; Macocha is the most famous abyss in the Czech Republic, see
    Name of the land: Moravia – see, or for example (in US only).
    Thank you for the music in cave and see you again I hope
    Jiri Kolarsky

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