Time for a hike

Posted by smr on August 14th, 2013

We had our final standard morning today before our concert day tomorrow. We have no idea what to expect for our “cave concert” tomorrow, but we know it will be a new experience, exciting, and quite an adventure. This morning consisted of our regular ringing rehearsals, singing rehearsals, crafts, and lots of food. We have breakfast at 8 am each morning (except for tomorrow when we eat at 7:30 am), then “Tensies” (our 10:30 snack), dinner at 1 pm, “Threesies” ( at 3, 3:30 or 4 pm), and then supper at 7 pm. Ad then there are snacks after that too, but we wont go there…

This afternoon was our last rehearsal as our alumni group and then – off to a hike. We climbed the nearest mountain (I guess it really was a hill, but it sure seemed like a mountain to us! We were huffing and puffing and we were barely started…), and continued on a hike that gave one of the most beautiful views of Katerinice that we have ever seen! Some wanted to not hike, but all were thrilled that we did. While the views were awesome, the Mirabelle plums were our source of strength!

Following the hike, dinner followed (7 pm) and then the evening was a little more relaxed. I (RP) got to attend a church council meeting and then home for a nice cool night. Last week, temperatures were in the 90′s – and that is very rare here in this part of Moravia!

Here are a few photos from our travels today: stay tuned for our caving adventures (and concerts):













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