Dunakeczi, Hungary

Posted by smr on June 30th, 2014

An 8 am departure time was much more reasonable this morning as we left Zagreb for Budapest. Our border crossing into Hungary was a non-event after we worked out a new system with our driver for the passports. It worked well today…

Pizza greeted our arrival in Dunakeczi (just north of Budapest) and it was most welcome by 2 pm (although many ringers used up their Bosnian marks in a gas station grocery and still had loads of leftovers to keep their stomachs happy during our travels).

The set-up and rehearsal time was witnessed by the day school here at the church and they were an enthusiastic audience while we rehearsed the music for Sam Reid’s wedding ;). After our rehearsal, some of the students wanted to try out the bells and Essi and Skip put their directing and ringing skills to good use with the children!


After a brief rest, a bus change and some refreshment, we were ready for a church that was packed with an enthusiastic audience. What a thrill to play for them – and I know they loved every minute of the music!







Following the concert, the audience was encouraged to come and ask questions, try out the bells, and meet the ringers and get autographs. Everyone had a great night! Now we are off to our host homes and I am sure everyone will enjoy their evening… Good night.




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  1. Dottie Robinson

    Dick and I have fond memories of Budapest. To this day the father of the family we stayed with probably doesn’t understand why we cannot talk with the President of the U.S. We’re really enjoying your photos and comments.

  2. Samantha

    Keep on practicing kids! I cannot believe that your tour is coming to an end….it looks like it was a successful tour! Love the blog and cannot wait for your return. HUGS!!

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