Maribor and Ljubljana, Slovenia

Posted by smr on June 22nd, 2014

A later start to the day meant that everyone had more energy for what lay ahead (well – maybe not, but it is a nice thought). Some had more trouble waking up than others, but we all managed to move out of our hostel eventually.


We visited the local Evangelical congregation (which had been contacted in advance that we might attend), but didn’t connect with anyone, so we kept moving and visited the Franciscan church which was beautiful!

The local art festival is in full force now, so we headed to a park for some food and found a warm welcome from the organizers who used us to perform on their program. What a fun children’s art festival!



After some shopping and currency exchange we are on our way to Ljubljana, a trip of only one and a half hours.


The fist order of business in Ljubljana was finding food. Once our appetites were satisfied by a great Bosnian restaurant we were on our way to the castle overlooking the city.

We had a fantastic street performer who entertained us while eating our gelato. Everyone now knows what a funicular is, and they were grateful to not have to hike up the hill! Annie did battle with a sword fighter and we are thankful we don’t rely on her for protection! The return was by foot, but gravity helped. Some are now off to sleep and some may watch the US play tonight (midnight start). It will be an early morning for them!






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  1. Elaine Hammond

    Great pictures (although some were sideways!!) Looks and sounds like a great trip

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