Ostrava and Havirove-Bludovice

Posted by smr on June 19th, 2014

The morning came early once again and we were on our bus to Ostrava at 8 am (well – maybe a little later by the time we got everything packed). We arrived at a care facility for our first concert and played outside so that all of the residents and guests could come to their balconies to hear us. We share our concerts with the Good News Ringers from Katerinice and had a wonderful time ringing and answering questions for all. The concert was followed by another wonderful meal – we haven’t starved yet…





We were joined by Ewa at the concert and for lunch. (For those of you who don’t know her, Ewa is the daughter of our hosts here in Katerinice, she was a guest of Southminster for a couple of months in 2010, and she is a pastor now in Ostrava). She got us to a large shopping mall for an hour of shopping therapy before heading off to our next concert at the Evangelical Church in Havirove-Bludovice.

This was a beautiful church with a painted ceiling portraying the heavenly Jerusalem, 2 balconies and wonderful acoustics! We were on a rather high platform and the chandeliers were at shoulder height (for some of us), making the table arrangement rather interesting. We were filmed by the Czech TV, interviewed, and who knows if we will be able to find it online, but it should be entertaining!




Tomorrow will begin with everyone in different places and different agendas with our hosts. The afternoon will bring our final concert here in the Czech Republic before we start our travels on Saturday. We will let you know what we did once we find out for ourselves tomorrow.

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  1. Jessica Frederick

    Sounds like a terrific trip so far. Wishing you all well!

  2. Awesome start to a wonderful trip…We love all of you !!!!

  3. Sherwood Peters

    I know the Kiwi

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