Ratibor and final concert in the Czech Republic

Posted by smr on June 20th, 2014

Everyone had a different experience today. Some went to school with their hosts in Ratibor, some in Vsetin and others to Hostalkova. The old folks went to Velehrad, a place of pilgrimage and then to a village replicating life in the 900′s. Having some time to spend with our host families was a welcome time for all of us and it was totally refreshing! Here are a couple of photos from Velehrad – sorry we don’t have any photos from the time spent in school.


Rehearsal in Ratibor began at 3 pm and Ryan managed to work on some pieces that needed some repair until the director finally showed up 30 minutes late… Oops… After some snacks (of course) all of the ringing groups performed at the 5 pm concert. It was fantastic to return to this beautiful church and perform for this most appreciative audience once again. We look forward to returning again in two years to be with all of our wonderful hosts and dear friends!





Post concert time was spent in fellowship over pizza and then it was time to depart to our homes. We will miss everyone.



4 Responses to “Ratibor and final concert in the Czech Republic”

  1. Bruce & Nancy

    Found where to get gelato yet? Don’t go hungry!

  2. Sherwood Peters

    Is Skip one of the “old folks” who went to Velebrad? Or is he trying to pass for young?

  3. Still trying to pass as a youngster…

  4. Multiple gelato stops. Have no fear!

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