Vsetin – Wednesday, June 18

Posted by smr on June 18th, 2014

Everyone looked jet lagged this morning, but rehearsal began right at 9 anyway! We adjusted to the Katerinice bells quickly and by 11 we were on our way to Vsetin for some concerts. Our first concert was in front of the city building with an appreciative crowd gathering around us. You may note that we found a great place to hang our kilt bags, but changed elsewhere.

We then walked up the hill for another celebration and played before and after the festivities with sheep in the background and lots of kids and older folks listening.

By tomorrow, the jet lag should be over and we will be ready for another two concerts! Off to bed now…







And we are hoping that Darren will remember his dress shoes tomorrow ;)


5 Responses to “Vsetin – Wednesday, June 18”

  1. Looking good kids! And keep practicing The Gift of Love :) Cannot wait!
    Be safe and all of my love,

  2. We wondered if you would notice. The wedding music sounded good this morning.

  3. Jessica Frederick

    Ah, Darren :)

  4. Nice Shoes Darren!!!

  5. Fred Barnes

    I hope that the sheep in the background appreciated how far you came to play for her! So glad to hear you are doing well. Grace and peace to you all!

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