Katerinice – Beginners camp Day 1

Posted by smr on August 10th, 2015

Ryan, Darren and Patrick were great today at taking over with our 26 beginning ringers. In addition to the ringers, we are teaching several music teachers about handbells and they will continue the ringing throughout the coming year(s). Teaching students is an exciting piece of our work – but teaching teachers is something’s new for all of us! 

Some of our beginning ringers come from Hrotovice – probably an hour away from Katerinice. They represent a music school and these students are very quick to learn and ring well. Some of our Other students have been ringing for part of the last year and they also are doing amazing things. What a privilege to work with these bright, quick and musical students!
We were so busy working with the ringers today that there we no photos from the sessions. There may be some photos from the older Czech ringers who are helping us, but we haven’t seen the photos yet… 

When I returned tonight to Ratibor, I was taken for a walk to the Firehouse. I wondered why, but soon learned that I was in for a musical treat. The local firemen (plus a few other men) are working on a competition of Folksongs from the region. They were nothing short of amazing to hear!! I hope this short video clip will do them some justice. We shot the video outside, after dark and not in the best of conditions, but enjoy their singing here:


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