Tour 2004

2009 Mini-Tour

The Southminster Ringers were invited to be the guest choir for the Young Ringers Festival to be held in Scranton, PA on July 1, 2009. What a great opportunity to keep an amazing group of ringers together for one more fling before sending some amazing seniors off to college. We quickly found a couple of other venues for performance that allowed us to refresh some of the music we had worked on during our last couple of years. We visited some of our Southminster connections where we were welcomed with open arms and shared some great times together with these wonderful hosts. Take a look at some of our moments on the tour:

Lamington, NJ: Rev. Matt Davis


Sunday, June 28


Ringing in Lamington

Playing in Lamington:

Leaving Lamington was sad. Our hosts were most welcoming and gracious, we had lots of time for fun, fellowship and work. We wish our hosts well with their own handbell progress and hope to hear them ringing for us again soon! A special thanks to Matt, Jennifer, Hudson and Drew as they share in ministry in this beautiful area.


Middle Island Presbyterian Church: Monday, June 29

Rehearsal - It was perfect...



An appreciative and interested audience:

Some of our host families:

Our day at the Middle Island Presbyterian Church was busy and filled with fun and food! Our concert on Monday evening was well received and we had the opportunity to play through all of our repertoire in preparation for Scranton and the festival. We especially thank Twyla Boyer for such a great welcome and we hope to return soon to spend more time in this stunningly beautiful area.

Tuesday morning found us eating, rehearsing and heading to the beach for a bit of a swim before hitting all of the New York City traffic on our way to Scranton. And there was plenty of traffic as we crossed the Cross-Bronx Expressway. 2 vehicles took a wrong turn and ended up about 1/2 hour ahead of those of us going the right way. Oh well. We made it to Scranton and found our rooms and had a good night of rest.


Shopping, trains and performance would best describe July 1, 2009. Here are some of the photographic highlights:

The audience:

An outstanding concert!

The mallet tosses:

And our Student Conductors:

An appreciative audience is always a treat for all of us:

Our farewell to our graduated seniors:

Incoming Student Conductors and Bell Captain: