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The arrival in Baltimore's airport was a happy and teary eyed event.  after passing through US customs, we all said our goodbyes as we left for the car / van trip to Pittsburgh or other destinations.   Thank you all, this trip has been a pleasure.  - 7/7/04

Another nice leisurely morning. We left the hostel around noon and then proceeded to the airport. We made it to Iceland and were met with our bus which seems to be a family affair. We went straight to the Blue Lagoon and even though it was raining and kind of cold outside the water was great (about 100 degrees Fahrenheit) and the saunas were relaxing (about 215 degrees Fahrenheit). We stayed in the Lagoon for 2 and a half hours, even then we had to be dragged out. Then we drove to the church where we are staying the night and playing tomorrow morning. So now it is time for bed. Goodnight all and can't wait to see you back in the States. (Mollie) - 7/3/04

We had a nice leisurely morning, probably our first one of the trip. Then we went on a quick sight-seeing tour just so we could say we had seen some of the Helsinki landmarks. We had a ton of free-time today other than our final concert at the Rock Church and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves wandering around the city and hanging out at night after our group dinner at Pizza Hut. Yay for American food! Tomorrow we get a little closer to home when we fly to Iceland. We are curious to see Iceland, but are all definitely ready to come home. See you all in a few days! - 7/2/04

So yeah, we are back in Helsinki and it really feels like we are home again. We are staying in the Hotel Academia again (it's really a hostel), this time for 2 nights. We had a concert this evening and once again we received rhythmic clapping. OH YEAH!! We had the night off to relax and recuperate. We are looking forward to another day in Helsinki tomorrow. (Mollie) - 7/1/04

We have arrived in Prnu and this evening we even had time for a workshop with a local team of handbell ringers. - 6/29/04

Today is a travel day between Vyborg and Prnu, Estonia.  As of this writing, we recently passed the border into Estonia and should be arriving sometime this evening. - 6/29/04

We are currently in Russia.  Sorry the updates haven't been quite as often, but computers with internet connections are slightly less common.  We are having a wonderful time here, and our hosts are extremely generous and happy to have us here.  The weather has been wonderful.  We have been blessed with sunshine, warm weather and a little sunburn. - 6/27/04

This evening we performed a combined concert with the Kuopio's Dolce Ringers. - 6/24/04 

We arrived in Kuopio to a light rain but a very warm welcome from our hosts for the next days.  We will spend the evening with our host families. - 6/22/04

Today we are heading south to Taivalkoski.  We have had a wonderful few days in Sodankyl, finishing Sunday morning performing in church and last night with a trip to the sauna and some swimming in a very cold mountain lake. - 6/21/04

We are now in Sodankyl, in the land of the midnight sun, 130 km north of the artic circle, so we have seen our last sunset until we travel south. - 6/19/04 


The Southminster Ringers have completed their 19th international tour.  During this tour the Ringers traveled through Finland, Russia, Estonia, and Iceland.


Ever wonder what your name would look like in Cyrillic?  Here are the attendees of this year's tour.