July 9, 2008


It was a moderately early morning considering that we aren't traveling from one town to the next.  The trip to Auschwitz was a little longer than expected since it is over a few roads that would not be considered major.  We arrived at 9 and met our guide as the rain started.  Much of our tour was in the rain, but it was truly a minor inconvenience considering what we were visiting.

We started with a 2 hour tour of Auschwitz I and our tour guide was very thorough.  We saw many of the buildings and exhibits, but one of the most memorable points was the quantity of shoes, human hair, and other artifacts that were left as they were found.  Knowing that what we saw was only a minor portion of the whole, there is no way to describe the overwhelming experience.

Our first sight of the camp.


A short bus ride out to Auschwitz II only amplified the feelings and we are still absorbing the enormity of the concept of an extermination camp and a concentration camp.

The first sight of Auschwitz II

The end of the line and the crematorium ruins.



Krakow - 2

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