Goerlitz, Germany

July 3, 2008

The ringers arrived in Berlin about 20 minutes early, retrieved all their luggage, cleared customs and were out on the curb waiting almost 1 1/2 hours early!  This may be a ringer first!  Thomas, Bettina, Marlene and Lucas Flower met us first and they were an incredible help to the start of our time here.  Our driver, Mark, was early and we were loaded up and on the road before we were scheduled to be anywhere.  The trip from Berlin to Goerlitz was exciting for our random police search - we were all so cheery and bright for this young policeman and policewoman, but they let us go on anyway.

At the airport.

Mark, our driver.

                                                                    The ride.                                             The random search - German polizei.

Our first destination was Goerlitz and we arrived at our concert venue before the foam, so we had a great lunch in the old part of the town.  (Yes, we are feeding these children and none are yet looking malnourished.)  The ringers met their host families and were able to spend time with them before rehearsal. 

One of Goerlitz's many towers.

                                                            The Old City in Goerlitz.                   The Flower family helped us tremendously!

Host families and ringers.

The Evangelical Kreuzkirche is an absolutely beautiful art deco style church built around 1913.  Once the bells and foam were set up, we learned that the acoustics were as wonderful as the surroundings.  Despite a lack of sleep and an alertness level appropriate for the exhaustion we all felt, the rehearsal and concert went wonderfully.  There was an appreciative audience of about 114 people and it was a great way to start our travels together.

Evangelical Kreuzkirche.

Ringers dispersed to their host homes following the concert (and packing up) and, after eating, got a mostly restful night of sleep.  All arrived back safely in the morning, alert and refreshed (right!) and ready for the next leg of our tour in the Czech Republic.


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