Krabcice, Czech Republic

July 4, 2008

We left our gracious hosts on Friday morning from the bus station in Goerlitz and headed off for the Czech Republic.  After remembering the bells (a few miles down the road), we turned around and went back to the Evangelical Kreuzkirche to retrieve the bells, and then continue on our way.

The border crossing was uneventful (we kept wondering where the border was) and, after a stop in a small town for food and our banking needs, we ended up in Krabcice around 2:00.  After a short rehearsal and a change of outfit, we were ready for our concert - and we were surprised with a great and appreciative audience.

The church in Krabcice (and our bus parking spot).


The concert was a benefit for the local nursing home and there were many residents in attendance.  The concert went well, we played almost all of our repertoire and then had a dinner that was enough to hold us over for the rest of our day!

The procession (and the audience).

The group in concert.

Erika and Spencer at work.

Erika and Kirsten playing their Yankee Doodle duet.

The group - after a great concert.


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