Krakow, Poland

July 7, 2008

After a rather long bus journey today through some not very major roads, we arrived in Krakow at about 7:45 this evening.  Highlights of the journey from Prague to Krakow included a long wait at the border while the floor to the bathroom dried (?!?!?), a trip to the bank while the efficient (not!) teller exchanged currencies for all, and the lunch stop at a bus station with many little eating kiosks.  We are glad to report that none of the ringers are suffering from starvation, none are currently sick, and most of them are currently snoring while this page is updated.  (It's midnight here)

The border crossing.

The bus ride activities.

Once we settled into the Mosquito Hostel, we went for a quick walk to the main square (the largest in Europe) and grabbed some fast food from some of the street vendors.  It was quite good and much less expensive than our Prague meals.

Some ringers have hidden talents.  Sam is unlocking and locking our lockers with his toes.  Can you?

Krakow at night.

We'll try to see how Krakow looks during the day... stay tuned.

July 8, 2008

We have survived most of the day so far.  Here is a look at our rooms here at the Mosquito Hostel, Krakow:

Ross has a great view from his bunk, but Liz and Olivia thought their mosquito was better.

We took a tour this morning with our most gracious guide, Norbert, and visited some of the great sights in the Old Town:

We passed through the gate,

We saw the tower of St. Mary's from the inside and the outside, and heard the trumpeter at 10:00,

and had a great tour of the Wawel (castle), grounds, and church.

We spent the afternoon doing a little shopping in the Old Town and visiting the things and areas that interested us.  It turned out that all the guys went one way and all of the girls went another.  That was probably a good thing for all involved!  We also had a little down time to rest in the afternoon - and that was also a welcome relief.

At 5:00 we left to ring for the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth here in Krakow, and we had a most glorious evening with them.  Sister Benedetta had heard us 2 years ago in Rome and had the tables all ready for us as she remembered them.  This is the first time in all of our touring that we had MORE than enough table already set up for us when we arrived.  The sisters were a wonderful and appreciative audience in their beautiful chapel, and the dinner that followed was most welcome.  Nobody went away hungry, and all was tasty!

Concert for the Sisters.

Dinner after the concert (before and after).

Group photo.

We will have the opportunity to visit them again briefly tomorrow on our way home from Auschwitz so that we can retrieve the wallet of one of our more forgetful members.  He will also be happy to get his room key back since it has the key for his locker containing most of his valuables...  Never a dull moment - and we'll let you know the forgetful member AFTER we return.


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