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The Southminster Ringers have now completed their Ring In the Christ Tour 2008.  The ringers departed on Tuesday morning, July 2 from Pittsburgh and arrived in Berlin, Germany on Wednesday, July 3.  The first evening was spent in Goerlitz, Germany where they renewed ties from former tours and made new friends between their concert and their home stays.  Three days in Prague followed Goerlitz and we found it to be a beautiful city, but one that was very touristy.  We played for a church out in the rural area and for worship services in the city (truly running between the services).

Krakow was the first stop in Poland and that was followed by a day visiting Auschwitz, one of the most moving days of the trip.  The next four days were spent with our friends from Zelow.  After rehearsing together and performing concerts in the neighboring communities where the Reformed Church has ties, we were very sad to leave these new friends.  (More history and information about the Zelow ringers can be found at their wonderful website:  http://www.zelandia.pl/zelowskiedzwonki/in_english_index.php )  Warsaw was the next stop in Poland where we rang for another Reformed Congregation and visited with the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth.  Our ties with the Sisters began on Tour 2006 when we rang for their gathering in Rome and we have played for them in Pittsburgh since 2006.  Our last stop in Poland was a visit with a Reformed congregation in Wroclaw (with ties to the Huguenots) and a short morning to wander this historic city.

Our final days were in Berlin where we rehearsed with the handbell team Bells Angels  and then joined with them for a barbeque and a final concert before our return to Pittsburgh.  (More information on Bells Angels can be found at:  http://www.beepworld.de/members90/bellsangels/  ).  We were able to update the trip information on a daily basis through great internet connections at our hostels and homes, and through some good luck!  Please check on our progress each day through the links at the right - and ENJOY!



The group left Southminster at 9 am on Wednesday, July 2 (right after this photo).  We will keep you as updated as we can.  Good news:  We haven't lost anyone yet (and a couple of ringers have eaten VERY well).