Travel Day

July 10, 2008

The morning was a little lazy today as some went for a walk up to the mound in Krakow (about an hour stroll).  Essi, Erika, Francis and Norbert went for a speedy morning walk.  Most of the rest of us slept a little later but went into town for our last minute errands and purchases.

Our meeting point for the bus.

We met at the hostel at 11:30 and started on our way to Zelow.  Before getting to Zelow, we stopped in Czestochowa to visit one of Poland's holiest shrines.  The Basilica was beautiful, the small chapel with the icon was amazing (and had a service every hour), the treasury had amazing gifts and the museum was full of great arms and armor.  The stop broke up our trip nicely.

Entrance to Czestochowa.

The Basilica.

We arrived in Zelow at 5:30 and were greeted by the Revs. Jelinek.  We were shown our quarters for the next few days and we settled in quickly.  At 7:00 we were served a great dinner of soup and sandwiches.  I can highly recommend the bread made in this area!  The evening ended with some soccer, some frisbee and a few injuries, but none too serious.  We are all looking forward to our time here in Zelow!

A little soccer.


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