Wroclaw, Poland

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Today was mostly a travel day for us and most of us managed to catch up on a little rest since the scenery wasn't overly exciting.  One of the highlights of the travel was the slight delay we had as we neared Wroclaw - see photos below.  It didn't delay us too much and we arrived at about 3:15. 

A bit of a fender bender.

After settling into our hostel, we searched out the church for our performance and found it a few hundred meters down the road (we can see it from the hostel).  We met the cantor at 5:00, found tables, set up everything and then had tea at 6:00.

The church (outside) and the most important part of the inside.

The concert was quite well attended, we had some wonderful posters of us that were spread around the city.  The audience was VERY receptive, we gave lots of autographs, sold out the rest of our Christmas CDs (the other CDs had sold out earlier in the trip) and then we had a sit-down Italian dinner with the proceeds from the concert.

Ringing and the interest after the concert.  Lots of questions and lots of invitations for our next visit.

We are planning a visit to the Old Town tomorrow morning before we depart and our rehearsal with the Berlin ringers will begin around 6 pm.  It's another long bus ride for tomorrow...


Thursday, July 17, 2008

We started the morning with a visit to the Old Town this morning.  Some found food, some found sights and some visited  everything!  Nobody slept in and we were all on the bus for the long trip to Berlin early.  Departure was scheduled for 11:00 and we were on our way at 10:45.  We are getting efficient!

The churches of Wroclaw.

Photo before WWII and the rebuilt gallery (no organ...)

These guys worked through the night!


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